I’m Arthur, a developer living in Kortrijk, Belgium with 6 years of programming experience in design, development, and testing of web applications.

Tinkering from a young age helped me accumulate extensive knowledge of tech, electronics, and problem-solving in general. I am committed to searching and learning new technology to further develop my lifelong passion. Being a curious perfectionist makes sure I perform my best when creating rich experiences.


Right now, I'm working remotely as a web application developer. I appreciate flexible working hours and being able to work from anywhere.

I have been working as a web developer for several years. Challenging myself and trying new things gives me the ability to realize more diverse assignments. As a creative developer, I benefit from having a problem-solving mindset in which user experience and performance come first. I am a social person with a great sense of responsibility. I like to work together in a team where I can learn from colleagues and them from me.

Technical skills

LIBRARIES | CLOUD | TOOLS | | ---------- | -------------------------- | -------- | ---------- | | Javascript | Node.js | AWS | Jest | | Typescript | React.js | Firebase | Git | | HTML | Next.js | GCP | REST | | CSS/Sass | Tailwindcss | Azure | PostgreSQL | | SQL | Apollo | Vercel | Redux | | GraphQL | Prisma | Netlify | MongoDB |


Work experience

Eureka Expert - Intern Front-end developer (Online education platform)
  • Collaborated 3 days remotely on the development of the platform with the developer lead.
  • Added gamification by creating virtual currency, HTML5 mini-games, and avatar store.
  • Explored new development projects and gave detailed presentations about the assessments.
  • Improved UX through analyzing user interaction when assisting teachers in the classroom.
  • Saved hours of manual labor by building web scrapers to automate the extraction of course material.
Aptus - Full-stack developer (IoT solutions provider)
  • Collaborated remotely with developers while consulting at the company's largest client.
  • Worked as a full-stack consultant for multiple customers.
  • Maintained and expanded 30+ highly customized platforms aimed at improving employee physical health with data gathered from smart wearables.
  • Created clean and intuitive web applications to monitor and control custom hardware solutions.
  • Build cloud servers to control, monitor, and gather data wirelessly from custom hardware.
  • Worked closely with designers and project managers to deliver solutions consistent with the product roadmap and release plan milestones.

Personal projects

xwind npm An opensource collection of packages and developer tools that makes the integration of Tailwind with CSS-in-JS libraries easier.

Botstudio A platform to make NLP chatbots for multiple platforms that makes creating useful chatbots as simple as possible.

Scouts Bar App Web and phone app to manage customer orders and keep a virtual bar tab of their expenses. Eliminates the need for cash and having to manually calculate and keep track of orders.

CarPC Touchscreen raspberry pi music player connected to the car’s CAN-bus to monitor and display real-time engine data.


Until this summer I was an active scouts member. For the past 5 years, I happily volunteered my time as a scout leader. Being a mentor and friend to the members was very rewarding.


The future is hard to predict, I’m not a detailed long term planner. I’d rather set goals I want to achieve and work towards those when the opportunity arrives. Ultimately I strive to live my life with the least regrets.

Some of these goals are:


Taking a break from behind the keyboard and exploring the world is something I need to do! I regularly go out camping with my friends. The memories of going on an adventure and sharing new experiences make me eagerly await our next trip. To clear my mind I like to go for a run, play golf, tennis or skiing during the winter.


You can find me on various platforms around the web. If you’d like to see my latest projects head over to my GitHub page. Feel free to contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or reach out by email. I'd love to hear from you!